Why even bother???

Do you even care about voting anymore?

In todays world we find it hard to believe in the candidates running for our public office’s. That being said the process must still be addressed so that our views and interest can be represented properly.

Councilman Jeff Johnson and I spent this past weekend registering people to vote and we both learned a lot of the real concerns that the American voter’s have with the upcoming election. While in the room strategizing I was struck with the realness of our task and did some sole searching of my own. I truly believe in our process of electing and voting for our who will hold public office’s. My real concerns lye in the corruption of due process by the power’s that be or people with money to steer things in their own self interest.

Still the show must go on…

 My money is on Hillary Clinton and I urge you to go to her website too get some real answers to the real questions that you and your fellow Americans have for the future of America.



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