Confession of a crackhead

I really hate the things I’ve done all in the name of a fix,

If I could I’d turn back the clock I would but first can I have just one more hit….

I have so many regrets from all of the pain that I’ve caused,

But my addiction to the crack is making all the dam calls…

I’ve tried and tried to get out the game but the end result was always the same.

So I wrote this poem to my family and friends as a way to tell you I apologize,

I wish to God I didn’t have this addiction and the need for all of my lies…

One day you’ll fine me overdosed, and half dead,

Please don’t shed any tears, for I listened to nothing you ever said…

If I’m your brother, sister, father or mother just remember the good in me,

While I pay for all the wrong I’ve done my death is my way to set you free…


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