When we experience break ups with the people we love it can often hurt in ways that can cause us to lash out at people who have nothing to do with our break up. So today I want you (the reader) to change the way you view a break up. Think of it as a challenge to believe in and love yourself so you won’t feel like you incomplete.

Loyalty, Trust and Action is taken to lightly in our relationships today and I’m happy to be single so I can get to know me again. We tend to loose ourselves in relationships from trying so hard to please others which is where part of our emptiness comes from after a break up.

So arm yourself with positive ways to have a positive effect in your current or next relationship. You don’t always have to put your partner first in a relationship for it to be a positive one. You matter to so a healthy balance is what’s needed.

A positive relationship can only come from you both being happy.:D:D:D


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