I write because:

I write because of the love I have inside of me that compels me to share positive thoughts in a world full of negativity. We get so caught up in what’s wrong in and with the world that we miss all the beauty of life. I write because you are tired of hearing about tragic events in the world and I’m proud to be a positive voice in a world where there seems to be little to report about anything positive. So today I will share the way God has been working in my personal life to prepare me to be a positive voice in yours.


To see the positive side of your own life you first must be thankful for all that you have. This is not an admission by you settling when you desire and want more. It’s just you saying thank you God for all you’ve given me now I’m ready for more. Once you’ve done that God will be more receptive to listening to your prayers for a more prosperous life. Where I once had a negative circle of friends God has replaced them with positive ones and now my support system is stronger. Theirs good all around us if we just open up our eyes to see it.  So I leave you with a complete stranger telling you that I love you and wish you the best.


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