Our belief system.


Could believing in ourselves be something that comes harder to us, than us, believing in someone else?

Is it us not knowing our true capabilities or do we struggle with what we were told as youth. (your no good, you’ll never be nothing and my personal favorite…you can’t do that) which causes us to believe in others more than we believe in ourselves. As I sit in my office staring out the window watching people pass by on this crisp spring day. I play a mental game with myself within my head. (are they better than me? or do I really believe in other’s more than I believe in myself). While the answer continues to elude me I reflect on my life and all that ive accomplished in my short 48 yrs in this vast world. Our opportunities are endless if we had a positive belief system instilled in us as youths. But unfortunately  many of us lack such a simple luxury there for we must rely on our own belief  system to make it in a world full of doubt and negativity.

This is a subject id love your feedback on because I plan too revisit this subject to address your input and insite on such an important topic.  So tell me how do you see yourself?wp-1471017038998.jpeg


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