One of Ohio city’s best kept secrets.

Calming atmosphere, clean environment, friendly service and intimate setting are only a few reasons to dine at Ohio City’s pizzeria on 34th and Lorain ave in Cleveland, Ohio. Now allow me to give you a few more… Ohio city’s pizzeria makes it’s doe fresh daily and the secret sauce have been talked about for years. There will be no leftover crust when you bite into their mouth watering pizza and you’ll be left with the dilemma of when and who to bring with you the next time you visit. The dinning room has the look and feel of being in your own living room at home. Their pizza is but one of the delicious dishes they have to offer so I’ll leave you filled with a desire to search for more.

By the way if your a sports lover then you’ve found a great setting to watch any game with the staff at the restaurant.

I’ll leave you with a bit of info, google them for their times and days of operation for the food and service affords the pizzeria too set it’s own hours. Don’t eat to much now… Ya hear


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