How I changed the justice system.

This is me in today’s jail system.

As an advocate for our incarcerated family members I’m always hearing about how we need to revamp the whole justice department. Having been on both sides of our legal system I can personally attest to the fact that it will only change by the individuals who frequently and repeatedly reside in it’s holding facilities.
My days of being locked up changed when I changed. I had to understand that I had to work for what I wanted just like everyone else. I had to retrain myself through education, communication and collaboration with my family and society. 
This is how I changed the justice system. When my life changed for the positive, I had doors opened to me that I thought to be locked forever. Where I once was a repeat offender I am now a guest at the country jail where I visit and assist those confined in it’s walls. I changed the justice system When I changed my attitude, behavior and my thinking  to a more positive thought process . Now I no longer have to fear any restraints .                                                                                                                                        


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